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If you have ever thought “I just wish science and beer would come together under one roof!” then Profs and Pints is going to make you wet your pants a little.

Certain words catch my attention and I’m not just talking about the rude ones, any word relating to beer will draw me in like a drunk person walking by a 24hr McDonalds. So whilst randomly looking at the Scitech website recently I was compelled to click on the words “Profs and Pints”.

Velvet Lounge – back room at The Flying Scotsman
639 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley
The Flying Scotsman on Facebook

If you have ever thought “I just wish science and beer would come together under one roof!” then Profs and Pints is going to make you wet your pants a little. Profs and Pints puts Perth’s brightest scientists/knowledgeable folk on stage for a Q&A on an predetermined topic and it is all presented in one of the best pubs in town, The Flying Scotsman. Happy Days!

Profs and Pints getting ready for kick off

Profs and Pints has just three events left in the series happening over June and July at The Velvet Lounge, the back room at The Flying Scotsman.

What is even better is the fact these events are free. Yep, I said free. Keep your credit card in your wallet, well at least until you get thirsty and decide that you want a beer, you’ll need to pay for that. The Flying Scotsman, aka The Scotto, sometimes gets forgotten when talking about where to get good craft beer in Perth. These guys are long-term Little Creatures, Coopers, Feral Brewing, Gage Roads supporters so you’re bound to find something you like.

The first Profs and Pints¬†was last week and the night was entitled “Ground Control to Mars: Should we put a human on Mars?” and after my initial reaction of “Just one? That seems mean” I settled in to a very entertaining and interesting night. The “profs” were Josh and Korum, both are Mars One astronaut candidates in a selection process that has currently been reduced from 2000 to 700 applicants.

“Mars One will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Crews of four will depart every two years, starting in 2024. Our first unmanned mission will be launched in 2018.”

Mars One website

My chosen “pint” for the night, as I was driving so only had one, was Feral B.F.H – Barrel Fermented Hog, a barrel version of their famous Hop Hog American style pale ale. A big whack of vanilla and woody characters not only dominated what was left of the hog but dominated my palate too!

It was a really great night. I don’t consider myself to be particularly sciencey and let’s face it, the fact I’ve just written “sciencey” is evidence in itself, but I found myself not only enjoying the beers and banter but thinking about the idea of sending people to Mars, something I probably wouldn’t have paid much attention to otherwise.

Follow Josh on Twitter here
Follow Korum on Twitter here

Highlights of the discussion included:

Sex – it was an inevitable question from a bunch of adults in a pub which Josh and Korum answered in both a joking man-love kinda way and a serious pregnancy-would-be-a-disaster way. In short, I don’t think there will be any walks of shame on Mars.

Survival expectancy – Josh was quick to answer with “Four to seven minutes” at which we all laughed but this could be what happens or not. Who knows.

Australia’s lack of a space agency – It seems we are the only one in the top 20 GDP nations (gross domestic product) who do not have a space agency. Given that we don’t have a science minister this may be unsurprising now but something Josh and Korum would very much like to change. Korum’s comment that one weeks worth of the US military budget would pay for the entire Mars One project was interesting. (I hope I quoted that correctly!)

The selection process – From over 2,000 applicants there are now 700, including Josh and Korum. A very interesting thing from this discussion was the possibility of a reality TV show during the later stages of the process which Josh was quick to defend, remarking that a realty TV show is in essence a documentary. Would you feel differently if it was called a reality TV or a documentary?
L-R : Host Tom with Josh and Korum

During the session Josh mentioned he also visits schools to talk to students about Mars One. After the event I chatted with Josh and asked how different the questions from kids were. He laughed saying kid are “brutal” but not in a bad way, he enjoys the kids session because they have no filter, no social fear of asking certain questions. Examples he gave included “what happens if someone dies?” and “if someone dies what do you do with the body? Do you eat it?” Ah kids, cute as buttons hey?

Profs and Pints is great way to spend a Tuesday night that won’t cost you much, where the beer is good and the chat is awesome!

The next Profs and Pints happens Tuesday 1 July, kicking off at 6pm – “It’s the end of the world as we know it: What will Perth 2050 look like?” Find out about this and the remaining series here.

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