girl + ebulum & scary hairy

Continuing my beer journey into some more UK beers thanks to the guys at The Beer & Cider Co.

Continuing from my previous post where I found myself the lucky recipient of some beers from The Beer & Cider Co. Like a box of assorted chocolates there were some English beer, some Scottish ones, some pale ales and other’s, well, not pale ales. It was a timely gift as I am trying to introduce a little more variety into my beery intake.

ebulum Elderberry black Ale by williams bros. brewing

Williams Bros. Brewing: Alloa, Scotland

This was hands-down my favourite of the lot. There’s heaps going on in this black beauty – red berries, blackcurrant, grapes, plums, red wine, a smooth warming booziness and a slightly roasted malty base for all the fruit to play on.

The story behind the Ebulum is a good read, which you can find here, and it says the recipe dates back to the 16th century in the Scottish highlands. Who’d have thought there’s more to the Highlands than scotch and being cold?!

Ebulum Elderberry Black Ale

scary hairy by Leatherbritches brewery

Leatherbritches Brewery: Est 1993, Leicestershire, UK

A self proclaimed golden strong IPA, I couldn’t shake that initial smell of mangos. I love mangos! The flavours that follow are a combination of grassy and herbal with a dense citrus bitter finish. On a side note I think it’s interesting that my notes are pretty different to what I read on ratebeer though on reflection I may have been drinking the export version but since I was too busy drinking to jot down to ABV I have no idea which one I had! Moving on …

Scary Hairy is part of their ‘occasional brews’along with other fun beer names like Hairy Tosser and Bad Boy. Past this slightly frightening label (I scare easily) is a really tasty drop.

Leatherbritches Scary Hairy

Thank you Dom at Beer & Cider Co for being an excellent enabler!


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