Weekend Reading #3

I love lounging in bed on weekends and catching up on all my favourite beery reading. From blogs to articles from the American craft beer scene and the best local beer news, there’s excellent reading material out there so every Friday I’m posting a list of the articles and blogs that have excited me.

This week I came across a number of interesting articles and they are all American, I don’t know why I ended up with an all USA list of reading material this week but there are definitely parallels with our own craft beer culture and trends. Hope you enjoy this weekends reading!

Table Matters | Quality Control
Online magazine about food, drink and culture

Beer geeks have pretty high expectations of our beloved craft beers but with more and more craft popping up its important to remember that just because something is “craft” doesn’t instantly mean it is going to be good. Incidentally the same goes the other way too, just because something is put out by “the big boys”, aka CUB and Lion Nathan, doesn’t mean that it’s crap. It all comes down to quality and this is a great article exploring just what ” quality” means and how it can affect the overall market.

Table Matters | Beginners Blue

I like my cheese big and stinky and gooey but I have to admit that sometimes the taste buds don’t want to be viciously slapped around, sometimes they wanted to be cuddled and caressed. In these instances these softer blue cheeses sound like they would do just the trick!

Blue Cow Blue Cheese

The Times of Northwest Indiana | Brewers get crafty using spent grain from beer

I linked back to another article about using spent grain in last weeks edition of ‘Weekend Reading’ but I really liked this one too. Love the idea of spent grain doggy biscuits

Serious Eats | Secrets of the Spice Trade: How to Run a Spice Shop
A family of food focused websites

You may have noticed that I recently was in Melbourne for Good Beer Week during which I went to an amazing beer versus wine event called Brew vs Cru. The lunch saw Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery go head to head with Ten Minutes by Tractor winery and featured some incredible beers and wines. One of these beers was Brooklyn Brewery La Boite, named after the spice shop who helped create the beer. Garrett spoke very highly of this shop, saying that it was an evocative experience just walking in, the aromas so compelling that they transported you places. Imagine my delight to accidentally stumble across this article which features that same spice shop ‘La Boîte à Epices’.


Draft Magazine | 10 foodie beers to savour now
American online beer magazine

Speaking of Good Beer Week, this article seemed more relevant with my memories still fresh from the GABS festival where beer ingredients included black peppercorns and sesame seeds. I liked the sounds of the wheat beer with kaffir lime leaves and made me wonder what the hell a huckleberry tastes like.

Entrepreneur | Could rising costs mean the end of craft beer brewers?
Online business news and strategy website

I’ve heard many people debate the cost of a pint of craft beer and whilst taxes is a big part of this cost it’s also using quality ingredients. This interesting article touches on the rising cost of hops and looks at how such increased costs can/could affect the little brewers.

Beer and Hops at Cowaramup


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