Grand Marnier + Bootleg

I love an accidental pairing, one that drops into your lap as if given to you by a higher power. This happened recently when I cracked open a bottle of Bootleg Brewery’s Up and About Breakfast Stout and then my partner poured himself a nip of Grand Marnier Centenaire.

Bootleg Up and About Breakfast Stout

Bootleg Up and About Breakfast Stout

Another in Bootleg’s series of “one offs” – their limited release beers – following hot on the heels of their Coconut Hefe, so hot in fact there is still coconut Hefe kicking around.

The breakfast stout is with brewed with oatmeal and coffee and when you open it there is the unmistakable aroma of coffee beans balanced out with soft milk and chocolate flavours.

Grand Marnier Centenaire

First introduced in 1927 to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary

This French orange flavoured liqueur is just gorgeous; busting with orange and a delightful mix of herbal, boozy, maple syrup and Jaffa chocolates.

Grand Marnier Centenaire


The liqueur softens the coffee flavours in the beer, lifts out it’s chocolatey-goodness and mixes perfectly with Grand Marnier big orange notes. The Grand Marnier lingers after the beer has gone but begs you to have another gulp of stout and keep enjoying the combination.

Beautiful together



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