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For this month’s #temptingtuesday I was seeking a food match for Wild Saison, a beautiful beer from Melbourne’s La Sirene Brewing.

#temptingtuesday happens on the 1st Tuesday of the month where I throw a question into the social media world, a beery question, one that might set your tastebuds thinking and one that will tempt me. I get inspired and I blog the delicious results.

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For this month’s #temptingtuesday I was seeking a food match for Wild Saison, a beautiful beer from Melbourne’s La Sirene Brewing.

Lots and lots of love came through for this beer with some seriously tasty food pairing suggestions:

Other suggestedĀ pairings included “happiness”, “a glass”, “a hot date” and (my favourite) another bottle of Wild Saison

  • Lebanese BBQ chicken
  • Asparagus and hollandaise
  • Goat’s cheese salad

As always cheese was a popular choice including:

  • Pont L’Eveque
  • “A mad chunk of tallegio”
  • “Big ass blue cheese”
  • Jackson’s Track Wash Rind cheese

The cheeses were tempting, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to try something different. Due to my indecisive nature I went with two options which made for a rather large dinner and hopefully a more interesting blog post!

Wild Saison

This is a stunning beer, pouring a hazy straw with enticing aromas of pears, apples and spices and a definite musty quality. The flavours are undeniably funky with soft acidity, spices, under-ripe fruit and a dry finish.

La Sirene Wild Saison
6.4% ABV | Alphington, Victoria

Wild Saison + asparagus with hollandaise

This was my first attempt at hollandaise; it had mixed results*. It was a bit too salty and thin, on the upside the leftover sauce had thickened up beautifully the next day.

As for the match the beer went nicely with the hollandaise itself, providing a nice contrast between fruit acidity and creamy salty sauce. The pairing was let down by the asparagus being too delicate in flavour, the beer simply overwhelmed the poor little things.

*note: I was cheeky and found the easiest recipe I could!

Wild Saison with asparagus and hollandaise

Wild Saison + Chicken and goat’s cheese salad

This was a surprisingly good match. The peppery rocket complimented spicy elements in the beer whilst the tangy goat’s cheese and fresh grape tomatoes were a hit with the beer’s acidity. There was enough body in the salad with the chicken bulking it out, to ensure the beer didn’t dominate the dish and it wasn’t all about acidity.

Chicken Salad with Goat's Cheese

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