girl + indi brew day

Invite me along to a brewery and I’m going to be a very happy girl, it’s really that simple.

Last Saturday I was at the Indian Ocean Brewery in Mindarie, invited along to their annual Indi Brew Day – a day offering brewery tours and tastings of the full Indi range with the brewer, Dave.

For those who don’t know the Indi it’s a brewpub in the Mindarie Marina. To get there just drive along freeway north until you can’t go any further, then go a little further. Soon you’ll see the signs to take you to the clear blue water of the marina where you’ll see plenty of boats belonging to far wealthier folk than me.

Mindarie Marina
Mindarie Marina – Photos by Danica Zuks, kindly provided by Mindarie Marina

I have to admit that it had been many, many years since I visited the Indi , mostly due to the distance required to drive there.

Now that I’ve been I have to say quite simply that if you like beer it’s well worth the trip

The Indi Brew Day was a great opportunity to catch up on all that was happening at the brewery, meet their brewer Dave Brough and, of course, taste the range of beers on offer.

I also did an interview with Dave that you can read here where Dave talks about his beers, being awarded WA’s best brewery at last years Perth Royal Beer Show and gives us a sneak peak into his beer for Melbourne’s Great Australasian Beer Spectapular (GABS) coming up in May.
Photo courtesy of Indian Ocean Brewing
Dave Brough, brewer at Indi – Photo courtesy of Indian Ocean Brewing

Dave took the group through his beers starting with the White Cap, a Belgian-style witbier and finishing things off with the Stout.

The White Cap is a great example of the style, showcasing big bubblegum aromas, rounded citrus flavours and just a hint of spice. It’s not hard to see why the beer took out a gold medal at the 2013 Perth Royal Beer Show.

Photos by Danica Zuks, kindly provided by Mindarie Marina
Photos by Danica Zuks, kindly provided by Mindarie Marina

Bohemian Pilsner: Generally speaking a more full bodied pilsner compared to German counterparts, it originated in Pilsen in the Czech Republic with Pilsner Urquell

Personally my favourites from the range were the Indi Pils and the Big Red.

It’s always nice to stick your nose into a glass of pilsner and get big interesting aromas. Dave’s Indi Pils is based on a bohemian style pilsner with light cereal malt aromas, some stone fruit aroma and flavour with a lingering bitterness. Well balanced and easily worthy of a pint or four.

The Big Red is an American style red ale with fresh tropical hop aromas, I got a lot of mango, that follows through in flavour with a little toasty malt to keep things balanced.

Photos by Danica Zuks, kindly provided by Mindarie Marina
Big Red – Photos by Danica Zuks, kindly provided by Mindarie Marina

It doesn’t matter how many brewery tours I go on I always learn something new and the tour with Dave through his brew house was no exception.

Good Beer Week is an annual ten day celebration of beer in Melbourne, happening this year May 17-25. GABS happens on the last weekend and showcases more than 100 new beers. Very exciting stuff!

Dave is the only brewer at Indi which, as he pointed out, there isn’t much room for anyone else anyway. “It’s a brewery shoehorned into a broom closest,” he said with a laugh at the start of the tour. He took the group through the brewing process and finish things off with a tasting straight from the fermentation tank of his Belgian Blonde, his entry to this years GABS – the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular (GABS) in Melbourne during Good Beer Week. Can’t wait to try the finished product in May!

Photos by Danica Zuks, kindly provided by Mindarie Marina
Belgian Blonde straight from the tank – Photos by Danica Zuks, kindly provided by Mindarie Marina

Big thanks to all involved in the Indi Brew Day and for inviting me along to take part!

Thank you Laura Moseley, social media & event consultant and passionate foodie for inviting me.

Thank you to Mindarie Marina, all the staff at Indi Ocean and a huge thank you to Dave for taking the time to talk through his beers and take us through the brewery.

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