5 Minutes with Jayne from Two Birds Brewing

If you’re not familiar with Two Birds it’s definitely time for you to get acquainted – here’s Five Minutes with brewer bird Jayne Lewis …

Not long ago the Australian beer loving people got some pretty exciting news – Two Birds Brewing will be opening their own brewery this year! You can read all about it here at Crafty Pint.

If you’re not familiar with Two Birds it’s definitely time for you to get acquainted. First they hit us with Golden Ale, an immensely drinkable, summer-in-a-glass kinda drop. Then they followed it up with Sunset Ale, bursting with gorgeous stone fruit and biscuit flavours this one reminds me of my birthday and drinking it on the beach.

Enjoying my 30th birthday beachside
Enjoying my 30th birthday beachside

Their Taco Beer, released for last years Great Australasian Beer Spectapular, is now a cult classic for good drinking beer nerds. Inspired by holiday fish tacos, it’s a wheat beer with coriander, lime and corn and just might soon end up in your closest beer loving bottleshop if this Tweet is anything to go by …

Taco Tweet

All in all it looks like another exciting year for brewer bird Jayne Lewis and other bird Danielle Allen. Both were kind enough to participate in “Five Minutes with …” – be sure to check out Five Minutes with Danielle if you haven’t already and here is Five Minutes with Jayne …

What beer did you drink last night?

Nothing last night, but the last beer I had was a Sunset Ale, as we packed up our stall after The Melbourne Beer Fest on Sunday.

Finish this sentence – Craft beer is like …

… my happy place. I love the drink, the process and the people.

Name one Aussie beer, past or present, that you wish you had brewed?

Little Creatures Pale Ale, for the role it’s played in craft beer in Australia.

What is the best thing you have learnt from the other bird?

The other bird has taught me that anything is possible with heard work and she has an amazing propensity to get things done. She has taken to the craft brewing industry like the proverbial duck to water and I’m so proud of the way she’s embraced the industry and gotten involved.

What is the very first thing you will do when the new Two Birds Brewery is ready?

Shed a few happy tears while drinking fresh beer, brewed in our own brewery!

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