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What can I say? I’m a bit of a beer geek, a beer nerd and certainly a beer enthusiast but I don’t consider myself a “beer snob”. I just don’t like the term “beer snob” but sadly this is what my beloved journal is called and it got me thinking.

For Christmas one of my very good friends gave me a fantastic beer related present – a journal for reviewing beers and pubs/bars. I use my phone for lots of note-taking but there is something far more romantic and genuine about hand written notes so often I push my phone to the side in favour of a new page in my journal. I sit with journal open, pen in one hand, beer in the other, scratching down words that pop into my head as I drink. I freakin’ love it.

Using The Beer Snob book
A keen eye will see there’s a spot to glue/stick the beer label – this has lead me to either a) getting joy from peeling a perfectly intact label from a beer bottle or b) frown at a ripped, mangled piece of ratty paper that’s half hanging from the bottle. It’s an interesting evolution in my beer drinking adventure!

I love it cause I can scribble down all the random thoughts I have about the beer I’m drinking, the taste, aroma and overall awesomeness all ends up here; that unexpected hint of pineapple – yup, that goes in there too.

My memory is bad and I drink lots of beer so I need to write stuff down so I don’t forget

I write it down so I remember to buy that beer again, maybe so I can try to match it with cheese and see if it works cause that’s what I do for kicks.

What can I say? I’m a bit of a beer geek, a beer nerd and certainly a beer enthusiast but I don’t consider myself a “beer snob”. I just don’t like the term “beer snob” but sadly this is what my beloved journal is called and it got me thinking.

The Beer Snob

For me the words “beer” and “snob” should act like the negative ends of two magnets furiously repelling each other because the laws of nature will not allow them to be pushed together. An extremely brief Google search of the word “snob” brings up words like “patronise”, “condescending” and “overbearing”, certainly not characteristics I associate with beer or beer people. From bottle shop managers to brewers to bartenders, the overwhelming majority of beer people I know are generous, welcoming, funny, passionate and all things non-snob.

The good beer people I know don’t push their opinions of beer, they share them, open them for discussion and ask others to do the same. They don’t judge others for the beer they drink, they are happy if you like the beer you’re drinking and will offer you a taste of theirs. They don’t tell you what you are going to taste, they just ask you if you like the beer. They won’t avoid talking to you because you drink wine, in fact those cheeky buggars will probably steal a taste of your wine!

I’ve said it many times but I’ll say it again …

Beer people are good people

Beer People

After writing this post I did a little Googling – here’s a few interesting reads …

The Difference Between Beer Lovers and Beer Snobs, which are you? – the article is a few years old, written by an American beer blogger, and whilst I don’t agree with every single point, I do very much like his “always” rules to follow as a beer lover.

The Most Mockable Things Beer Snobs Do – the article is on American site Esquire, a fun little read but I get the impression American beer geeks are far more prone to the “drain pour” than us Aussies. It takes A LOT to make me pour a beer down the drain.

I am a Beer Snob … Sorta – a blog post from one of my regular reading materials – Beer Bar Band. It’s James’s reaction to his photo being the subject of an internet meme called The Annoying Beer Snob. All three links here are worth checking out!

5 thoughts on “girl + beer snob”

  1. I received the very same book for Christmas. At first, I found it a chore to tear myself away from taking notes on my ipad or phone but eventually found the romance of using a pen and paper that you refer to. I love my book also! Hopefully, they’ll release a new version for next year with a toned down title.

  2. Great post Pia, and I like Pete’s comment re: beer snobbishness being as bad as being a yob. While there are plenty of beer enthusiasts on the level, there are sadly too many elitist beer types ruining it for you good guys. I would have thought beer drinkers would have learned from the mistakes of the wine snobs of old but some of the most tedious drinkers I’ve met lately have been craft beer evangelists. Fortunately, they’re a minority!

    1. Thanks Max, whether its beer, wine, food, service, that minority seem almost inevitable. Like anything its education and learning, whether its craft beer education or just education on letting people like what they like

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