Hottest 100

I get stuck when people ask me what my favourite beer is, it’s a super tough question because it changes constantly depending on mood and how much time the other person has whilst I mentally flick through beers I have enjoyed – of which there are many, a tribute to both how many great brewers are out there and how dedicated I am to my hobby.

So when faced with this time of year – voting in the Hottest 100 Australian Craft Beers – I had two options:

Option 1:

I treat it like a round of “fast money” on a game show, run with gut instinct and pick the first 5 beers that come to mind.

Option 2:

Sit down. Dedicate however long it takes to go through the beers I’ve sipped, gulped and loved in the past twelve months. Score them based on drinkability, creativity and style. Then of course I’d have to decide how many spots I give to regularly brewed beers and how many to once-off/limited release beers – then I’d have to question myself as to whether it really matters if the beer is a regular or seasonal, after all it’s a poll of the best beers of the year, not of the sub-category of core beers versus limited release beers versus collaboration brews. Then I’d have to …

… and I think you see where I am going here. Option 2 ends in me sitting on the floor beside the refrigerator, faced pressed to the cooling aluminium, rocking back and forth holding crumpled pieces of paper and muttering about Vic Secret hops, wheat malt and wild yeast.

My Hottest Aussie Beers of the Year
My Hottest Aussie Beers of the Year

So sensibly I chose to take the path of Option 1 and came up with this list, the first five beers that came to mind, that made me think magic was real.

Hottest 100 - 2013

Feral Hop Hog – Consistency terrific, hits the spot and it’s the Aussie IPA that you hold the others up to.

Nail Clout Stout – So much hype around this beer, how could it possibly live up to it all? Well that’s easy, it does it by being truly awesome.

Moon Dog / Nogne O Selvmordstokt – My favourite beer from this years Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular, genuinely interesting and beautifully balanced, teasing you to peel back the layers.

4 Pines ESB – I had the first, loved it. I got another. Loved that too. It reminded me of when I feel in love with IPAs, this beer reminded me how amazing ESBs can be.

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale – I still get child-like excited when I see this beer, it’s almost irresistible.

Inevitability there are some amazing beers I could have spent hours considering, fitting them into the final list including Brew Cult Acid Freaks, Mountain Goat Hightail, Boatrocker Ramjet, Colonial Small Ale, Eagle Bay / Mane Liquor Saisonnay, The Monk Chief, The Monkn Bounty, Two Birds Taco …

The poll is proudly supported by The Crafty Pint and Australian Brews News, click here for the info.

Voting closes on 16th January and there’s a chance win some beer too!

3 thoughts on “Hottest 100”

  1. Picked up a few ESBs for Christmas Day to check I hadn’t been getting carried away first time I had some bottles. Effin’ brilliant beer. Top choices too.

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