Beer + Podcast

I’m sure it will be unsurprisingly to learn that my regular reading materials consist largely of beer related websites such as:

  • The Beeroness – I’m sure you’ve noticed my growing love affair Jackie’s recipes
  • Craft Beer – ‘celebrating the best of American beer’, good feature articles
  • Two Brewers Abroad – Steve and Stef from Perth are brewing, drinking and learning their way around the States, lucky bastards, sometimes I have to stop reading cause I get too jealous!
  • Draft Magazine
  • and of course compulsory Aussie craft beer reading – The Crafty Pint & Australian Brews News

There’s also a handful of fellow beer blogs who I have bookmarked:

Another blog I enjoy is Ale of a Time by Luke Robertson who is based in Melbourne and a regular contributor to Australian Brews News.

Luke aka @AleOfATime and Dave aka @MelbDave have recently started a podcast named after Luke’s blog. The first episode – Frothing at the Bit – introduces us to our wonderful hosts and they talk about beer blogs, grey imports and a few beers they’ve enjoyed. It’s a good first episode, not just because they say nice things about my blog (aw, shucks guys, thanks!) but because it’s fun and interesting chat about beer, something I love.

I do a lot of driving in my job so I am always looking for good podcasts especially since between Triple J gives me the shits between 12 – 3pm. I’ve been listening to RadioLab, some TED Talks and one beer podcast from the US called Beer Geek Radio.

I’ve listened to one or two other American beer podcasts and they’re way too blokey for me with too many references to someone being smashed/constantly drunk. Boring and oh-so-frat party. No, thanks.

Give me conversation, give me good beers and give me something Aussie – oh hello, Ale of a Time!

Episode 1 of Ale of a Time got me thinking about why I started my blog. Luke makes the comment that if you’re going to write a blog it’s best not to expect anyone to read it. Whilst at first those words sound a little pessimistic, implying that blogging is an exercise in futility, it’s actually very sound advice.

I never properly entertained the thought that anyone would read my blog, after all why should they? The internet is a world full of incredible information, endless education and lots of amusing videos of cats chasing laser pointers and riding automatic vacuum cleaners that look like giant hockey pucks.

I started girl+beer because I love beer, because I had left the world of bars and pubs and I missed talking with people about beer. I also missed learning about beer; when you’re constantly updating a beer list of 70+ bottles you are more inclined to be up to date on new releases, fun things brewers are trying or how your old favourite breweries are expanding and getting closer to world domination. Writing girl+beer encourages me to research, read, ask questions and seek out new beers.

Tasting Tray and Beer List
Seeking new beers at GABS 2013 in Melbourne

The unexpected goodness from girl+beer has been people, even those outside of immediate family, actually reading and enjoying my ramblings. I’ve met more people who share my passion and want to talk about beer, some I only know in the Twitterverse and other’s I’ve met in person but all have involved some big laughs and great conversation.

So if you’re thinking about starting a beer blog, I say go for it. Stop thinking. Do it and do it your way, in your own voice. Oh and have fun …

Here's me looking pretty damn happy with myself at the South West Craft Beer Festival earlier this year
Here’s me looking pretty damn happy with myself at the South West Craft Beer Festival earlier this year

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