Beer + Neighbours

A short post about good neighbours and sharing beer

Whilst relaxing on a sunny Saturday afternoon our super nice next door neighbour popped around for a hello and to see if we wanted their old bicycles. Sure, why not?! So I got myself a new/old bike, my partner probably got himself another something to do (i.e. WD40 the hell out of my new/old bike) and we found some time to share a beer with the neighbour.

We had the perfect beer to share since I had been to The Pourhouse in Dunsborough the day before and purchased my first Pourhouse growler. ┬áIt joins a growing family of growlers and their squeaker kids at our house already …

This is how every normal kitchen looks isn't it?!
This is how every normal kitchen looks isn’t it?!
Weekend beers read to rumble!
Weekend beers ready to rumble!

The Pourhouse growler contained Moon Dog Love Tap Double Lager, a beautiful beast of a lager at 7% that I haven’t had since May when I did this little blog post. Floral, spicy, tropical fruits and a little fresh lemony citrus to boot, it was a hit with our neighbour and between the three of us the growler soon ran dry.

Next I decided to open the sample bottle of O’Brien spring release India Pale Ale that was sent to me last month. What better moment to taste test a new beer than with a fresh palate at the table.

We poured out the beer into three glasses and stuck our noses in. Our neighbour liked the nose on it and it was certainly inviting with fresh green hop aromas throwing out a piney/resiny character. It was a great little IPA, vibrant and clean with stone fruit flavours and lingering bitterness.

O'Brien IPA  ... vibrant and piney
O’Brien IPA … vibrant and piney

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