#temptingtuesday – November

What the heck is #temptingtuesday I hear you say? (well, in my head you do). It’s combining my love affair with Twitter, the fun of chatting with great people and my eternal affection for beer. The mechanics are simple, just like its author, where on the first Tuesday of each month I ask the big wide Twitterverse a beer related question. I get inspired and blog the results.

I dropped the ball on my own #temptingtuesday thing in November in that I missed it by an entire day. So instead we have tempting Wednesday but I figure a) no one is really paying that much attention and b) it was Melbourne Cup so I probably wasn’t really going to get a straight sober answer out of anyone that day.

Since, at the time of asking the question, it was leading to WA Beer Week I decided to ask the question,

What are your top 3 wa beers?

The only rule was that they had to be available now, draught or bottle didn’t matter just as long as it was able to be drunk right now. Normally I only ask the question on Twitter but his time I also asked Facebook, here’s how the votes were cast and thank you to everyone who posted a comment!

temptingtuesday november

As for me, well I hate to have to choose between so many of my favourite things but I did manage to narrow it down in what might be considered a predictable but certainly delicious list!

If I had to pick three ...

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