Pizza + Beer

Pizza + Beer … have two words ever been so beautiful together? And before you shout “beer and burger” or “sex and violence” at me, I was just trying to have a catchy opening for this blog post. Let’s go on …

Since pizza is just such a good beer food I have recently been working on my pizza making skills. In the beginning my skills were actually less about skill and more about how-much-stuff-can-I-put-onto-one-piece-of-Lebanese-bread. This was followed by the fun game of ‘how do I get it into the oven’. The process often resembled an attempt at a magic trick as I quickly slid the pizza from cutting board to tray. All in all it was a fairly messy affair.

Since then I’ve tried, with some success, to adapt to the ‘less is more’ style of pizza topping. I have also been trying my hand at making my own pizza dough from scratch.

Making dough and drinking beer
Making dough and drinking beer(not a case of Sapporo, that just holds our onions & garlic)

The recipe I’ve been using comes from The Australian Woman’s Weekly Kitchen book, a Christmas gift from my dad many years ago. I love it, I use it all the time and I’m not just saying that because he reads this. The dough recipe is as follows –
2 1/2 cups of plain flour
2 teaspoons dry yeast
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup warm water
1 tablespoon olive oil

Dough Instructions

It is a simple recipe and the dough freezes/defrosts very well. The fun and sense of accomplishment in making my own pizza dough, so far, outweighs the convenience of buying Lebanese or pita bread from the shops. However I do acknowledge that perhaps over time this will change and I’ll get lazy/latch onto something else I want to cook obsessively but for the time being I’m all about the dough. Plus putting floury hand prints around the house/partners face/dog is lots of fun.

Mexican Pizza!
Mexican Pizza! Tomato paste, cheese, spicy beef mince with mushrooms, onion and red capsicum, jalapenos, sour cream and fresh lime

Having been successful with this recipe I was inspired by The Beeroness’ own pizza dough recipe that uses beer, garlic powder and fresh minced rosemary. Sadly I had no appropriate beers to use as either a) they were huge imperial somethings or b) I wanted to savour every last drop and not bake. Instead I took on the rosemary and garlic powder measures and threw it into my already tried and tested pizza dough recipe. The result was four delicious pizza dough balls ready to bake or wrap up and toss into the freezer for another time.

Freezing dough

Frozen pizza dough

Thawing pizza dough

Rolling out pizza dough

Baking Instructions

more doughy photos
don’t worry, it’s pesto on the left and not some strange growth

I’ve never really understood garlic powder until I put it into my pizza dough. Why would you use powder when fresh garlic is so amazing? Well, for dough, it’s perfect for a whack of flavour without the added moisture that you’d probably get from the fresh stuff.

The next pizza dough adventure will be adding beer. As I add more and more ingredients to the pizza dough I might end up going full circle back to my original pizza making theory of “more is MORE!”. We’ll see …

Last Friday night, as they all should be with good food and great beer
Last Friday night, as they all should be with good food and great beer

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