Beery Surprises in Capel

A very happy me leaving the International Beer Shop with lots of goodies

Perth is blessed with Cellarbrations Carlisle, International Beer ShopMane Liquor and Phoenix Beers to service their passionate take away beery needs. Here in the south west things are not as abundant, at least not on the scale of the aforementioned shops. On the other hand us lucky folk in the south west have more microbreweries than anywhere else in the country so it probably evens it up. But sometimes you want to take the credit card out for a spin by browsing shelf after shelf of gorgeous beer then driving home with a happy tink-tink-tink noise of bottles in a box in your car. Yeah, you know the noise I’m talking about don’t you?

An example of one shopping adventure from Cellarbrations Carlisle

Thankfully bottle shops in the south west are getting on board the craft beer revolution, toot toot! They are stocking not just great local stuff like Duckstein, Bootleg, Feral and Little Creatures but also international favourites like Sierra Nevada, Rogue and Green Flash. I’d say this is due to the great Phoenix Beers, beer distributors with many, many brands whose portfolio was a well used document during my time writing the beer list at Five Bar in Mt Lawley. In Bunbury your best bet Dan Murphy’s, or Man Durphy’s as my partner calls it. In Busselton you’ve got Cape Cellars developing a very decent beer range and with their new (larger) site hopefully coming together before Christmas I’m sure that will mean more great beer. In Dunsborough it’s hard to go past The Pourhouse with a huge bottled list as well as growlers but if they’re not open then Zinn’s Liquor is a good alternative. Further south into Margaret River and it’s gotta be Settler’s Liquor.

Local beer shopping at Cape Cellars in Busselton
Local beer shopping at Cape Cellars in Busselton

Now you can add Cellarbrations Capel to that list of good beer bottle shops. Yup, you read that right – Capel. For those who don’t know the area it’s not where you might stop on your way from Perth to the south west, eager for your relaxing getaway. Not that it’s a bad place, it’s just that it’s easy to miss. Located half way between Bunbury and Busselton it’s just off the highway and also home to a fantastic butcher – seriously, you should stop in for sausages. Trust me, they’re tops. I’ve been buying my Friday afternoon beers from Cellarbrations Capel for a while now. Sometimes it’s a little Garage Project, a Rogue or two or a Nøgne Ø and, more often than not, a 6 pack of Sierra Nevada something. It seems that word is spreading about this little gem of a shop. I was recently went to Bootleg Brewery where I ran into fellow beer enthusiast and Bootleg beer pourer Jamie who told me that his mate had taken him to this great bottle shop in Capel. “Oh trust me, I know!”, I replied. Here’s just a sample of goodies I’ve purchased from Cellarbrations Capel. Thank you Cellarbrations Capel for feeding me good beer and taking the edge off between Cellarbrations Carlisle shopping sprees.

A few purchases from the surprising and growing craft beer selection
A few purchases from the surprising and growing craft beer selection

Oh and there was also this little number … image

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