#temptingtuesday – September

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What the heck is #temptingtuesday I hear you say? (well, in my head you do). It’s combining my love affair with Twitter, the fun of chatting with great people and my eternal affection for beer. The mechanics are simple, just like its author, where on the first Tuesday of each month I ask the big wide Twitterverse a beer related question. I get inspired and blog the results.

Hello September! I used this months #temptingtuesday as a way to outsource a beer to pair with a specific dish I wanted to make for dinner.

Prawn and Chorizo Linguine

I went to Chris’s Sea to You seafood van in Busselton for the prawns and used the last bit of Coat of Arms Chorizo we had in the fridge. For those unfamiliar with Coat of Arms Chorizo, it’s from the Margaret River Venison Farm and it’s amazing. Spicy, rich and totally over-the-top and tasty as hell. It’s name comes from the two animals it’s made from …

Coat of Arms

I found a recipe from taste.com.au that suited my craving – chorizo and prawn fideos (a very quick Google search told me it’s Spanish for noodles) and it was a delicious success. It’s also a nice way of using a single pan for cooking dinner, spaghetti and all! God I hate dishes.

Cooking up a storm ... well, pasta anyway

Armed with a bare boned descriptor of “prawn and chorizo linguine” I got back some great suggestions for potential beer pairings. Most of them were pilsners or imperial pilsners, the crowd had spoken so I set to work on dinner.

Since the Coat of Arms chorizo is very punchy I thought an imperial pilsner would be in order and so I opened this …

Garage Project's Hops on Pointe

Now you might be saying “but girl+beer, that’s not an imperial pilsner!” and you’d be right, it isn’t but for some reason I had it in my head that it was. From when I poured it into the glass and right up until I read the label, I thought I was about to delve into an imperial pilsner. I don’t know why. It’s actually a lager.

Moving past this little beery misjudgement the beer itself was lovely. Another nice drop from Kiwi outfit Garage Project and according to their website it was brewed to “celebrate the world’s first ‘Beer Ballet’ called Bier Halle” being staged by the Royal New Zealand Ballet. The lager is brewed with German malts and New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops, a variety that gets it’s name from it’s sauvignon blanc grape like flavours.

Hops on Pointe had soft honey and melon aromas and I got floral, grassy, bready and slight bitterness on tasting.

As far as matching to prawn and chorizo fideos, it was a bit of a debate. My partner thought the delicate beer got spanked by the richness of the meal. I thought (or perhaps hoped, considering my incorrect style assumption) the beer acted almost like a palate cleanser, its soft bitterness kinda tingling over the spicy chorizo.

Either way, a delicious meal and a good beer but I reckon an imperial pilsner would have been great! Mental note to self, don’t rely on memory, it’s been marinating in booze for more than a decade, read the label!

Dinner is served!

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