Indian + Coopers Red

Despite how I might make it look on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds I don’t do all the cooking in the house. My partner has dished up some truly tasty meals and I felt it was about time I shared one of his great dinners with you (and yes, you can come over for dinner, just make sure you bring beer!

This recipe was taken from a book simply called “India Cookbook” and the recipe is also known as Handiwala Murg. The “handi” part refers to the earthware pot used for slow cooking and “murg” I think refers to the chicken; aren’t my googling skills amazing?!

The recipe calls for the chicken thighs to be made into “lollipops”, think a little ball of meat on the end of the bone. My partner opted not to do this since a) it’s fiddly as hell and b) why take off meat when there’s so many awesome spices to coat them in! He hates waste.

India Cookbook

The list of spices in this dish is incredible (a common theme throughout the book, who’d have thunk it!?) which meant that our random purchasing of spices proved very handy, in particular my recent discovery of 2 Brothers Foods for all our spice buying needs. The fun of online shopping from these guys is enhanced by the huge aromas that waft from the parcel before you’ve even opened it.

Lots of spices!

The chicken thighs are marinated in fresh coriander, ginger, garlic, yoghurt, lemon juice, black pepper, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. They are slow cooked in a frying pan (since we had no appropriate earthware pots) before having tomatoes (he used tinned chopped tomatoes which was way easier than dicing that many fresh ones!) with even more seasoning for simmering the chicken in.

Simmering chicken goodness

The result is a complicated, heavily spiced but very balanced dish that’s rich and warming. We had Coopers Sparkling in the fridge, my partner is very fond of this beer, and it was a pretty good match to the meal. It was nice to have something cold, refreshing and lightly fruity to wash over the food.


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