Garage Project + Beer Bread Sticks

If you haven’t discovered The Beeroness aka Jackie Dodd then I suggest you make like Indiana Jones and discover her NOW! Well, maybe not right this instance, you’re here already so I hope you’ll keep reading. Besides, I’ve made it easy for you, here’s The Beeroness website and Twitter. Please feel free to click away furiously…

The Beeroness combines two things I love – beer and food. If she had lots of photos of a kelpie on her website I’d be looking into whether she was my twin sister; you know aside from me being Asian and stuff but you get my meaning. Oh and she’s a way better cook than me. Which brings me to how I found The Beeroness, it was a recipe for Stove Top Beer Mac & Cheese that I made with much excitement and enthusiasm; the result was delicious. Then there was the Garlic and Beer Butter Prawns. Oh be still my beating heart. Oh wait, the butter will probably do that for me! At least I’ll go out with a smile.

Stove Top Mac & Cheeseyummy dinner

A week or so ago Jackie posted a recipe for Italian Beer Bread Sticks. I’m a sucker for beer and for bread so it was unsurprising that this caught my attention. I went for the Venusian Pale Ale from Kiwi lads Garage Project for my bread sticks to try give the sticks a some punchier flavours as I was serving it with a hearty beef and mushroom cannelloni.

Beer Bread Sticks

I’m slowly drinking my local bottleshop out of the Venusian Pale Ale yet not doing myself any favours as I recommend it to people when I’m there. Rich, fruity, spicy and complicated, my kind of beer.

The bread sticks turned out beautifully (though a little overcooked on one side which I am going to blame on my awful, awful oven) and made a nice alternative to my default Italian side dish, garlic bread. Simple, easy and tasty, I’ll be doing this again. Next time I will try it with the wheat beer …

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