girl + IPA Day

Any excuse to have a beer or three, yeah? Not that I needed another excuse …


Any excuse to have a beer or three, yeah? Not that I needed another excuse …

IPA Day was last Thursday, celebrating the loved and popular beer style. Originating in 2011 in the US the idea rippled through the global beer loving community. Each IPA Day the hashtag #IPAday starts trending and everyone nose dives into their best hops for the occasion. It is all summed up rather nicely here at and here at Australian Brews News. IPA Day is about celebrating beer, making noise about beer and starting a conversation. Does the date have historical associations to the origins of India Pale Ales? I don’t think so but if the day continues to grow and create conservation around great beer, drive education and spawn love affairs with beer then who cares?!

I celebrated IPA Day with two beers, one local and one international – Colonial Small IPA and Sierra Nevada Hoptimum.

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

Colonial Small IPA

The Colonial Small IPA represents the first beer from the Margaret River breweries newest adventure – Project Beer (formerly known as Project X).┬áThe beers produced under this new label will be experimental limited releases and could be anything rather than being brewed to a specific style. I had the pleasure of chatting with Richard and Justin from Colonial about Project Beer which you can read here at The Crafty Pint.

The Small IPA is a reduced alcohol India Pale Ale and what a nice change it is to find a beer that clocks in under the 5% abv mark. Great tasting lower alcohol beers seem few and far between, in fact there are just two that spring to my mind – Rogers’ Amber Ale by Little Creatures (Fremantle/Geelong) and The Traveling Monk by Cheeky Monkey (Margaret River). More oh-so-tasty mids are needed and very welcome!

Dinner celebrations for IPA Day involved a growler full of Colonial beer paired with pork belly marinated in char siu sauce – a rich, sweet and spicy meal that proved a great compliment, bringing out the beers floral hoppiness.

Colonial and Pork Belly

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