Fancy Pants + Pie

Fancy Pants – great name, super tasty beer and goes down a treat with homemade pies!

Fancy Pants Amber Ale

Woohoo! Another Mountain Goat Rare Breed has landed, this time in the form of the wonderfully named Fancy Pants Amber Ale.

It’s a beer they’ve brewed a few times before but this is it’s first outing into bottle format. I love the 640ml bottles because normally a mere 568ml pint of almost any Mountain Goat beer just isn’t enough. The labels are always a delight to read and if it wasn’t for a severe space shortage at my house I’d have a half decent bottle collection that would most certainly include these bad boys.

Earthy, spicy and big stone fruits, the Fancy Pants is worthy of it’s name.

I served it up up a rich beef, mushroom and rosemary pie and mash potato which went very nicely. The pie’s┬árich tomato-y sauce and big sprigs of rosemary made super friends with the spicy and earthiness of the beer. Yum!

The only thing I won't make it the pastry ... store bought the whole way baby!

Incidentally, if you like your Goat (and who doesn't?!)
the 3rd edition of 'Night of the Goat' is happening at
Five Bar in Mt Lawley on Wednesday 7th August @ 6pm.
All things Mountain Goat will be there ...
 ... you should be too!

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