Oh Boris!

Boris is rich, dark and oh-so-smooth. You should totally go and hook up with Boris.

Boris isn’t a very sexy name. It doesn’t conjure up images of an oiled, big muscle man or even a well dressed gentlemen who’ll open the door for you. However I’ll happily say that Boris is smooth, definitely sexy and just downright tasty.

I’m clearly talking about beer and you’ve probably figured out that it’s Feral Brewing’s Russian Imperial Stout “Boris”. Normally only available on tap at their Swan Valley brewery it is the latest beer to receive the bottling treatment as part of their Brewpub Series. A limited release of kegs also ventured into the outside world. I have been lucky enough to have both in my own backyard … well, within an hours drive anyway.

Feral Russian Imperial Stout Boris


I snatched up a bottle from Cape Cellars in Busselton, the only liquor store in town when I’ve found good craft beer. They have super nice staff too so if you’ve not been in you really need to change that.


Good ol’ Clancy’s Fish Pub in Dunsborough. I don’t just say that because I used to work there but because, like all the Clancy’s, their tap beers are craft-beer-tastic. Right now they are pouring Boris but be careful, at % abv Boris won’t be nice to you if you are the designated driver. As a fellow customer at the bar said to me, “Boris is a bad man”. You bet your ass he is!

I didn’t detect any difference between tap and bottle Boris, both tasting super fresh. I stuck my nose in, had a big whiff and got chocolate cake and a little caramel. Boris tastes roasty, that’s a strange way to start a sentence, with some licorice and a malty dry finish. Boris is rich, dark and oh-so-smooth. You should totally go and hook up with Boris.

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