Beer Mac & Cheese

When I found this recipe it was hard to get it out of my head, I wanted to make it right there and then. Sadly I couldn’t but finally I got my beer mac & cheese and damn it was good.

The recipe comes from The Beeroness which I only discovered recently. Her slogan is ‘have your beer and eat it too’ – something I am clearly on board with.

So here’s her recipe for Stove Top Mac & Cheese.

I used Perth’s own Nail Golden Ale mostly because that’s what I was drinking at the time. Turned out very well indeed! Next time I’ll be trying it with IPA to see if it does give it a more beery ompf.


6 thoughts

  1. Hah, we made this earlier tonight. Added a bit of parmesan to the recipe and used Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale – and you could definitely taste it. It was pretty good (we went back for seconds) and dead easy.

  2. The Beeroness is my go to for beer recipes and food pairings! She is the Barefoot Contessa of the Beer world and so much more. I haven’t made the mac n cheese yet though- YUM. My stomach is growling, so I’d better hit the store and, of course, make myself some beery mac n cheese too!! Great idea!

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