Pint of Origin TAS – The Gertrude Hotel

Pint of Origin

I don’t know a lot about Tasmanian beer except for Cascade and Boag’s and the “pure Tasmanian water”, I know I’ve heard that phrase a lot. Oh and that great Boag’s TV commercial – if only they were true.

On the crafty side I’ve had a few Moo Brew beers, particularly enjoying their Pale Ale, but that’s where my Tassie knowledge ends.

So I was definitely looking forward to introducing myself to some new beery Tasmanian friends at The Gertrude Hotel, home to the TAS Pint of Origin.

To quickly recap, Pint of Origin started during last years Good Beer Week where five pubs with ample taps acted as homes for WA, SA, NSW, TAS and QLD. The term itself came from Adelaide’s Wheatsheaf Hotel. It meant that throughout Good Beer Week punters could cover off an Australia wide beer tour without straying far from the remaining Good Beer Week shenanigans. Happy days!

Where: The Gertrude Hotel – 148 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
When: Friday 24th May, about lunchtime


I decided to ease myself into our 7th day of Good Beer Week with a Hefeweizen from Iron House Brewery. The aromas were lovely and reminded me of a banana and honey milkshake. There was lots of coriander flavour and spice with the banana seeming more like a backdrop for the other flavours rather than playing the biggest role. Even my partner who usually doesn’t enjoy wheat beers agreed it was tasty.


Whilst I eased myself into the day with a lighter style of beer my partner went in the opposite direction and selected a stout. It was gorgeous, rich with great chocolate bitterness but as I neglected to write any notes on this beer (writer fail) I sadly cannot remember what it was. I do however remember having a mild case of beer envy.

The next beer I tried was the Houn Dark Apple Ale from Two Metre Tall Brewery, it sounded intriguing. Made with unfiltered apple juice, it definitely had the smell of fermented fruit. I posted a photo of my beer to Instagram with a single word – weird. I was getting the appleness, some perhaps biscuity malts too but it just wasn’t coming together for me.


With a few new beers under our belts it was time to make a move … Next up, Brother Burger for a dose of NZ and The Tramway for PoO SA.

7 thoughts

  1. Nice little write up. The stout you’re thinking of is the Van Dieman Oatmeal Stout. A very nice drop from the tap. I’m a Tasmanian beer lover who also writes a blog with my wife – . We’ve only just started the blog, and are just getting around to posting up our good beer week exploits. I believe we met a few of your friends who kept crossing our path at events such as the Tas PoO, NSW PoO, and Red Duck Beer Banquet. Great people, but have forgotten their names now!

    1. Hi Rick, thank heavens someone knew the beer I was talking about! Looking forward to reading your blog, love the name too.

      I reckon you would have met my friends Dan and Vicky, they had quite the clan with them too, all great folk!

      What inspired you to start a blog?

      1. That was them! Say hi to them from us. We didn’t mention that we were writing a blog, but they’ll know us as the Tassie couple!
        I’ve been a lover of craft beer for a while, and my wife has recently gotten into it too. We often talked about our opinions of beers we tried, and had the idea of recording it in a blog in a ‘he said, she said’ type format. We’d love to get more people onto craft beer, so try and blog more in the ‘common tongue’ than beer geek language.
        Our local craft beer pub are going to share our reviews on the beers they have on tap, so that’s a good start.
        I’ve subscribed to your blog, and it’s good to see other beer lovers out there pushing the craft beer scene. We visited Margaret River in early 2010 and did a bit of a beer tour (my wife wasn’t quite into beer yet, but I dragged her along, so it was a catalyst for her new found love of ale). We visited Colonial, Cowaramup (spelling?), Bootleg and Duckstein. Loved them all!

      2. I will! I’m more of the common tongue too, I don’t know intricate details of the brewing process but I do love beer and hope more people love beer too! I’m very lucky here in the South West, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to breweries! Cowaramup spelling was right on the money! The town is named so because of a bird (not cows) – cowara. I’ve only been to Tassie once and that was many, many years ago. My partner has been a number of times, I hear the taste of tassie is pretty amazing.

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