Pint of Origin SA – The Tramway Hotel

Pint of Origin

My partner and I had been enjoying walking around Melbourne during our Good Beer Week, it felt like a trade off for all the amazing food and beer we were consuming. So on Friday when we left The Gertrude to visit another Pint of Origin venue, The Tramway, we opted for walking instead of taking a tram.

A growing sense of urgency to for the ladies room and 2.6km later we were at The Tramway only to find it wasn’t open. Not only that but it wouldn’t be open for another two hours. We walked back up Brunswick St to stumble upon Brother Burger and the Marvelous Brew where we had lunch … oh and more beers. Before you knew it, 2 hours had past and The Tramway was opening it’s doors and we could hit up yet another Pint of Origin venue.

Quick PoO recap (words I didn’t ever think I would type on the interwebs) – Pint of Origin started during last years Good Beer Week where five pubs with ample taps acted as homes for WA, SA, NSW, TAS and QLD. The term itself came from Adelaide’s Wheatsheaf Hotel. It meant that throughout Good Beer Week punters could cover off an Australia wide beer tour without straying far from the remaining Good Beer Week shenanigans. Happy days!

I chose Birbeck Brewing’s The Captain; the tasting notes sounded nice and it was only 2.9% abv. There were not many beers lower than 5% amongst the Good Beer Week agenda so I was keen to discover a great tasting low abv beer.


The Captain was light bodied but by no means watery. Light spices and biscuity malt, it had definite drinkability about it. Whilst it didn’t blow me out of the water it was certainly something I’d happily become repeat offender if it was available in WA.

Both my partner and I have consumed our fair share of Knappstein Reserve Lager in our time, loving the the big floral flavours so when we saw they had a barrel aged version we gave it a shot.

If you like vanilla, I mean if you really like vanilla you would have liked this barrel aged beer but sadly it seemed to smack down any of the Knappstein-ness we fell in love with in it’s original form.

Now with three pubs under our belt it was time to head towards Richmond for an event at Slowbeer with Italian brewery Birra Del Borgo, but that’s another post.


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