When Rabbits Attack

There were a few possible titles for this blog post – alternatives included “bunnies plague”, “bunnies take Melbourne” and “no, its rabbit season!”, the latter in my best Elmar Fudd voice.


There were a few possible titles for this blog post – alternatives included “bunny plague”, “bunnies take Melbourne” and “no, its rabbit season!”, the latter in my best Elmar Fudd voice.

The bunnies and rabbits I am referring to are those of the beer variety, more specially those from the White Rabbit Brewery in Healesville, about an hour out of Melbourne. As a brand under the Little World Beverages (aka Little Creatures, aka Lion Nathan, aka Kirin) White Rabbit did a takeover of the Little Creatures venue in Fitzroy for Good Beer Week.

Takeover is certainly the best way to describe it. Not only did the taps pour wild with only White Rabbit beers but the venue itself was transformed. Yellow hazard tape covered every red cherub / flying baby / Little Creatures logo and a small forest was moved inside the venue.


Each day they featured a brand spankers new White Rabbit beer. On the day we went it was the Grace Burn Ale, named after the pedestrian path going over the creek behind the White Rabbit brewery. It used American hop varieties simcoe and palisade, and a warm fermentation.

Hazy golden straw, fruity, soft and a little bitter, it was just lovely! It was a great warm up for another evening of Good Beer Week goodness and had we not have an event to go to we would have happily stayed for a few more!


You can see the invasion of bunnies in this short video from the Little Creatures guys featuring my old work colleague and all round top guy Dave Myers.

And as a final send off for this post and something funny for Friday, did you know that there are two bunnies having “special time” on all White Rabbit packaging? Check the base of the tree towards the back left hand corner, seriously.

6 thoughts on “When Rabbits Attack”

  1. I didn’t know that White Rabbit was part of the Little Creatures group- aren’t they owned by AmBev or something huge as well? Sounds like a killer event none the less!

    1. Little Creatures and White Rabbit did a great job of transforming the venue. I would have loved to visit another few days to see what other beers they had but sadly there’s only so much time!

      Yup, Kirin owns Lion Nathan who now owns Little World Beverages – under which you have Little Creatures and White Rabbit.

      Interestingly Little World Beverages also owned shares in Stone & Wood but after the sale I believe Stone and Wood bought back their shares so they are now completely independent.

      1. Aw, I see! Its one of those scary moments when you realize that the people who own the beer places also own car companies, such a long stretching line of corporate connection. I respect the independent move by Stone & Wood, whom I’m already deeply dedicated to after living in Byron Bay. Do you know if those guys have any plans to open a tasting location. I couldn’t even locate where they brew at, when I was there- contract brewing maybe?


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