Pint of Origin ACT – The Courthouse


Pint of Origin was a seriously good beer event that happened all week long for Good Beer Week. It also had the added bonus of the childish but endlessly amusing acronym of PoO.

Pint of Origin started during last years Good Beer Week where five pubs with ample taps acted as homes for WA, SA, NSW, TAS and QLD. The term itself came from Adelaide’s Wheatsheaf Hotel. It meant that throughout Good Beer Week punters could cover off an Australia wide beer tour without straying far from the remaining Good Beer Week shenanigans. Happy days!

This years PoO saw additional pubs representing VIC and ACT plus three regional venues took showcase a selection from every state.

My partner and I managed to visit all the states PoO venues during Good Beer Week, usually as a warm up or cool down from an event.

First up we have The Courthouse Hotel who represented the ACT.

Oh and advanced apologies for my awful night time phone photography!

Where: 86-90 Errol Street, North Melbourne
When: Monday 20th May after the Prickley Moses Rare and Wild event


I had heard many good things about the Wig & Pen Mother Funker Gueuze but sadly it was not available that day. Instead I chose the Weizenbock from Zierholz, a nice big wheat beer on steroids with nice real banana flavours. I liked it!

Next up I had the Wig & Pen Bob’s Armpit sour ale, the name was strangely enticing or perhaps I’m just too curious for my own good. I found it lightly sour, maybe more like a sour and an amber ale had a baby. Of course I might also be talking dribble since I had tasted more than ten different beers at the Prickley Moses event earlier.



Steak Tartare, Olive Tart and Truffled Aioli – this was beautifully served, I love it when the presentation is so good you almost don’t want to eat it. This was definitely some of the best steak tartare I’ve ever had.


Cheese – there are generally only two reasons why I don’t order a cheese board – a) the cheese sounds bland and/or b) the price tag is ridiculous. The Courthouse cheese board was neither of these things. Another nicely presented dish and we sent back a virtually clean plate.



We sat at the bar which is always our preferred “table”, I guess that is the bartender in both of us. As a result, we’ve met some great bartenders and this was one such night. Harpreet at The Courthouse was fantastic, he was friendly, polite, knowledgeable and happy and helped us pick beers and food. Thank you Harpreet. We mentioned his name during conversations with a few Melbourne locals and they agreed wholeheartedly!


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