Good Beer Week Match Report

Good Beer Week was 9 days, that’s 216 hours
There were 140 events, that’s 1.5 events for every single hour. If you factor in sleep, let’s be generous and say eight hours, that’s ONE event for every waking hour.


Good Beer Week, Melbourne. I think ‘Epic Beer Week’ would be more accurate, let’s do some numbers!

Good Beer Week was 9 days, that’s 216 hours
There were 140 events, that’s 1.5 events for every single hour. If you factor in sleep, let’s be generous and say eight hours, that’s ONE event for every waking hour.

The words ‘beautiful madness’ spring to mind.

My blogging intentions for Good Beer Week were simple but perhaps a little ambitious – a blog post every morning about the previous days events. I got through a couple before realising it was not going to happen. Over the next few days though, I’ll be reliving the rest of my Good Beer Week adventures and updating my beer list … in the meantime, here’s a bit of a summary –

Highlights of the Week (in no particular order)

GBW Local Taphouse

GBW - The Goat

Pint of Origin

Dim Sum

East v West



Dim-lights of the Week (once again, in no particular order)

Having our hotel room on the same floor as the hotel gym. Seeing people exercising as we left for another day of beer and food overindulgence seemed cruel and unusual. The urge to tackle someone on the treadmill was almost irresistible.

Dropping an entire wedge of lovely cheddar on the floor during The Big Apple versus The Goat lunch at The Mountain Goat … then contemplating the validation of the ten second rule out loud and been denied.

Rambling like a giggy school girl when telling Birra del Borgo brewer Leo DiVincenzo how much I loved Duchessic.

Headbutting a taxi door whilst trying to get inside.

A few words that made me laugh

Hearing someone confirming their booking at the hotel by yelling “boo-ya!”

“If all the West Australians could please fuck off”, Chris Badenoch of Josie Bones giving a kind send off just for the WA folk at East versus West: Beer and Food Title Fight

“Is it true that you are a mid level drug lord?”, Pete Mitcham to Birra del Borgo brewer Leo DiVincenzo referring to the anchovy oil he bought from Italy to Australia for a collaboration brew with The Wheaty called My Anchovia.


“This morning in the theatre whilst we were sleeping …” @DrRiggsy talking about sharing a hotel with @6foot6brewer

“On behalf of The Local Taphouse we’d like … *sound of glass smashing *, Pete Mitcham being interrupted at the end of Brewers and Chewers at The Local Taphouse St Kilda

Best on Ground – Beers that made me say “mmm”

Brooklyn Brewery Anniversary Lager – stunning copper colour and great citrus, piney and candied sugar flavours


Mountain Goat Rye IPA – ruby red grapefruit aromas that had me nose deep in my glass for a few minutes

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace – always stunning

Mornington Peninsula Imperial Stout – rich, lush and dangerously drinkable


Cavalier Juniper Pale Ale – beer and gin had a baby

Bright Fainters Dubble – rich, spicy and fantastic

Croucher Black IPA – fruity hops with a great dose of coffee malt flavours with a little burnt toast finish

Brewcult Acid Freaks – balsamic vinegar and beer, who’d have thought? A sinful pairing.

Duckstein Coconut Porter – brings me back to being a kid and having lamintons at morning tea.

Feral / Wig & Pen Pig Pen – slightly tart and oh-so-refreshing

Moon Dog Selvmordstokt Cherry Wheat Porter – black cherry, chocolate and coconut. My GABS notes say “YUMMY”

Two Birds Brewing Taco – I am definitely a mexi-can

This list could go on and on … I should stop now and probably get myself a beer.

3 thoughts on “Good Beer Week Match Report”

  1. Killer coverage! I love the quotes and dim-lights along with the high-lights and your perfect picture set up. As I’ve been while reading everyone’s blog on the event- jealous, jealous, jealous!

    1. Thanks! It was a remarkable week! I’m also enjoying reading other blogs, so many events I didn’t get to and everyone has their own great experiences. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂

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