Cheeky Monkey loose at GABS

A couple of weeks ago I asked head brewer Jared “Red” Proudfoot a few questions about their GABS creation


The Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular, aka GABS, begins today and offers “92 specialty brewed beers and plenty of old favourites”. Amongst those 92 GABS beers are a handful from the south west including one from Cheeky Monkey, Margaret River.

A couple of weeks ago I asked head brewer Jared “Red” Proudfoot a few questions about their GABS creation …

What beer are you doing for GABS?

It’s an Imperial Red Ale weighing in at 7.1% and hopped to fuck

What was the inspiration for it?

Me – Big Red. Haha, nah. It’s just a decent Autumnal style which will carry on into winter. Big, Malty and hoppy.

What flavours are you aiming for?

Big caramalty, full on flavoured hoppy beast of a beer.

What will be/was the most challenging part of this brew?

Restraint when it’s ready for drinking.

Which malts and hops are you using and what made you chose these?

It’s a malty beer so it’s got a broad spectrum malts in it. The three main contenders are Maris Otter, Cara malt and Munich with varying degrees of crystal/cara malts a touch of roast, wheat and acidulated. Hops are lots of Columbus, Centennial, Amarillio, Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin. It will be dry hopped at least three times throughout conditioning.

Which other GABS beers are you looking forward to trying?

Haven’t had the luxury of time to sit down and check them out I’m afraid. I’ll probably have a good look when I’m on the flight over.

If your GABS beer was a person, what outfit would he/she be wearing?

Hmmmm… She’d be wearing a corset with a knee-length tartan skirt and stockings into an pair of old, well worn Doc Martins. Obviously she’d be a Red Head.

GABS – 24-26 May at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton
Check out the website for more information

The Cheeky Monkey Imperial Red Ale is beer number 23 and can be found at Bars 1 & 2, section 2

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