Nail + Clancy’s

Clancy's City Beach
Clancy’s City Beach
195 Challenger Parade, City Beach
(08) 9385 7555
No Bookings Required
Open 12noon Daily

What’s not to love about the Clancy’s Fish Pubs? Casual pubs with good food and they’ve always been a haven for craft beer lovers, in fact their Fremantle venue was Little Creatures first customer.

It has to  be said however that Clancy’s City Beach has the bragging rights to the best views with the gorgeous City Beach practically under the seats.

Clancy's City Beach Menu Grid

By my count the beer list boasts more than 70 beers featuring local Aussie rock stars like Temple, Red Duck, 4 Pines, Boneyard, Feral, Two Birds and Moon Dog and international beasts like Anchor, Sierra Nevada, Brewdog, Heretic and Green Flash. The term “spoilt for choice” barely covers it.

It’s rare for me to go into a Clancy’s venue without having a Nail Ale so in keeping with tradition that’s what we ordered. It also saved me from the embarrassment of drooling on a beer list. Fruity hops and clean refreshing bitterness, it’s a classic and a firm favourite on my god-i-love-that- beer list (a list that grows longer by the week).

What makes Nail Ale so special? It tastes amazing and it’s brewed by ONE guy who has been dedicated to this for over 15 years. The best way to understand the Nail Ale story is to read it – here it is.


Ordering food was another tough decision and resulted in ordering way too much food but it was all delicious.

The Prawns with fresh kiwi fruit and coriander were a stand out, massive prawns cooked perfectly and the zing from the kiwi fruit added a delicious extra dimension. It was impossible to resist the urge to order chilli mussels, just one of those dishes I find hard to pass up, and whilst they weren’t very hot on the fire alarm scale, they were very tasty. Then there’s the Fried Mice, another impossible dish to pass by and a signature dish in all Clancy’s venues however these have a unique City Beach twist. The Fried Mice, jalapenoes stuffed with cheese and deep fried, are done with panko bread crumbs and served with tomato salsa. Panko Bread Crumbs are used mostly in Japanese cooking, which I already knew but what I didn’t know or even think to ask was what makes the bread different? The dough is baked by passing an electric current through it, thus baking bread without crust and making it crisper and airier. Wiki told me so. The result is a lovely crisp but light batter with great texture and a nice change to the usual regular batter. The careful food presentation was greatly appreciated, showing a lot of care from start to finish in the kitchen.

Now I’m making mental notes to try the Clancy’s Cafe, next door to the pub, as I hear they’re food and coffee are tops too!

Chilli Mussels Coconut Crumbed Prawns Fried Mice

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