Picnic + Beer

Our Beach

Aside from amazing craft breweries on my door step and beaches that are so beautiful I’ve recently been quoted as saying “wow, this is tropical island shit” there are also some great forests to explore .

One weekend afternoon my partner and I decided to take a late picnic lunch. After a bit of time on the phone to the Ferguson Valley tourist information office we picked our destination – Crooked Brook Forest. It’s a Jarrah and Marri tree forest just a short drive from Bunbury that matched perfectly with all our criteria …

a) a lovely picnic area

b) variety of walking trails and,

c) dog friendly

Crooked Brook Forest Polaroid Frame

Not only is Crooked Brook Forest dog friendly it’s everyone friendly, in fact it’s kinda their catch phrase: “a forest for all people”. There is a wheelchair accessible walking trail, which I’d imagine would be pretty unique, and the picnic and BBQ facilities are fantastic!

To prepare for the picnic I quickly made up some Caramelised Onion & Blue Cheese Tarts, packed a few bits and pieces from the fridge – namely cheese, marinated octopus and prosciutto and, of course, a beer – and we took off to Crooked Brook Forest.

Caramelised Onion and Goats Cheese Tarts 3

The beer we took along was Hook Norton Brewery Haymaker, an English Pale Ale that, if I’m honest, caught my attention due to its name. Clearly not named after a swinging punch to the head instead it seems to be an English farming thing, if the picture on the label is anything to go by. Softer than the American Pale Ales I’ve been having a long lasting love affair with, it’s a lovely little beer that reminded me that I really do like a good English pale ale. It was well balanced with light tropical fruits, a good dose of malt and a soft bitter finish. Whilst it might not have matched perfectly with the food it was certainly a great match for the occasion of a spontaneous picnic in the forest.
Picnic Framed

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