Duchessic + Curry

If I had one piece of advice for shopping at the International Beer Shop, Cellarbrations Carlisle or Mane Liquor or any of the other great beer-centric bottleshops in Perth it would be this … ask the staff because,

a) They know their stuff, love their beer and are just downright nice folk

b) They can tell you what’s new/fresh/limited release, and

c) They will point you in the direction of beers you will fall in love with / eternally lust after.

Here is a beer recommended to me by the guys at Cellarbrations Carlisle and it falls into all categories, especially the last – love at first sip!

Duchessic (frame)

Duchessic comes from a bit of a collaboration between Italian brewery Birra del Borgo and Belgian brewery Brasserie Cantillon. I was already a little familiar with Cantillon from their amazing lambics but this is the first beer I’ve tried from Birra del Borgo. The Duchessic is roughly a combination of Birra del Borgo’s regularly brewed Duchess beer, which uses spelt instead of barley, and a year old lambic from Cantillon.

The result is spine tingling, heart fluttering beautiful. I got aromas of green apples, sour lollies and tropical fruit. The mouth feel is delicate, just light little bubbles the carry subtle sourness, straw, funk and stone fruit, in particular apricots. Oh and the colour … did you see that colour?! Heaven.

The bad news is that it’s a limited release – very limited – I’d get your first born packed and ready to trade because the Duchessic appears to be leaving stores fast!

Now, food, what on earth was I going to match with this? Keeping in mind I had no idea what this beer was going to taste like I decided a quick Google search was required. Typing in the words “Duchessic Food Match” into Google picked up BeerAdvocate as the first result, I clicked on the link and saw the words ‘Cuisine (Curried, Thai)’ so that was that. I made a green chicken curry.

No longer in the mood for a long cooking session now that I had settled into the evening with this delicious beer, I did the cheats curry and used paste from the jar (but it was an Asian-y looking jar so I feel that somewhat redeems me).

Green Curry Paste Watermarked

I was a little skeptical about this match, my initial thought was that the curry would trample over the delicate Duchessic but the beer softened the chili and the mix of sour and heat was a nice little combo. How or why, I have no idea but I was happily enjoying my curry and beer and that’s good enough for me!

Green Chicken Curry (1)

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