Beer + Mustard Bread

I recently stumbled across a fantastic recipe from Smitten Kitten that spoke to many of my food-loves … “Cheddar, Beer and Mustard Pull-Apart Bread”. How could I possibly resist?

I recently stumbled across a fantastic recipe from Smitten Kitten that spoke to many of my food-loves … “Cheddar, Beer and Mustard Pull-Apart Bread”. How could I possibly resist?

Since discovering this recipe only two weeks ago I have made it three times, each with a different and tasty result.

Attempt No. 1

The only downside was that I burnt its bottom and it overflowed a little, rising out of the baking tin like it was trying to escape. The loaf lasted all of about two days so I’d call that a success!

Preparing Bread
Making the Dough
Preparing the Yum
Spicy Cheese

Making Dough … Kneading Dough

Having made a few loafs of bread and pretzels I have come to the conclusion that a special dough hook attachment on a fancy machine is completely unnecessary. Plus you can’t have nearly as much fun putting flour hand prints in humourous places if you don’t get your hands dirty!

I used Coopers Sparkling in the dough purely because it is the current beer of choice in the fridge. It was either that or break open my Bootleg The Grandfather Barley Wine but that wasn’t going to happen! (Saving that for Christmas)

Preparing the Yum

I used the Kick Ass Hot Beer Mustard (made with Coopers), which has now become a staple item in our fridge, Worcestershire Sauce, Nandos Hot Sauce and melted butter.

Spicy Cheese

Using shredded local Capel Cheddar Cheese, I tossed through the mustard powder and smoked paprika according to the recipe and then blatantly put in more spices for no good reason other than just because.

Putting Bread Together
1. Rolling the dough into a rectangle without a rolling pin
2. Painting on the yum
3. Arranging

Rolling the Dough

Since we don’t have a rolling pin (at least not anywhere in the kitchen, it’s entirely possible that there is a rolling pin and two muddlers packed away in boxes in the shed) I used a large jar to try and make my flat rectangle.

Painting the Yum

There was something child-like fun about painting the yummy mustard/butter/hot sauce mixture onto the dough.


This was a little fiddly. Using a pizza cutter I cut the dough into strips before layering it into a stack of dough, cheese, dough, cheese. Picking up ruler length strips of dough is fairly tricky! Next it was time to cut it up into sections to fit the cake tin, the recipe suggests a good knife but I used a paint scraper (we always have one in the kitchen for BBQ) and it worked a treat!

(By the way, the recipe has a really good photo of this whole process which will make a lot more sense than my ramblings here)

Finished Bread


Attempt No. 2

We were heading to Perth and I had wanted to make the bread for a baby shower we were going to. Not wanting to make a mess in our friend’s kitchen I decided to prepare the bread, wrap it up, take it to Perth and then throw it into the oven on arrival.

After the drive up and running a few errands more than 3 hours passed in which the yeast had continued to grow, almost completely breaking free of it’s cake tin/cling wrap prison.

Deciding there wasn’t much I could do, and not sure if it was going to be okay, I lopped off the parts that were over the edges of the tin and reformed them into fat little sausage shapes on top as, for lack of a better word, “decoration”. It went into the oven and I crossed my fingers.

The result was a loaf of bread rather than a pull-apart but the taste was still amazing, more subtle than the first but light and fluffy with a good crusty outside.

We ate this with butter and some Pale Ale Cheese by Chef DeBeersine – beautiful!



Attempt No. 3

Since Attempt No. 2 was for the baby shower but we got all excited and ate half of the loaf fresh from the oven, I had to make another the next morning. This time it was much closer to the actual recipe which is always nice and I didn’t get any photos since it came out of the oven and straight to the baby shower and disappeared rapidly once it hit the table. Yup, I’ll be making this bread a whole lot more!

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