Clancy’s + WA Beer Week

Whoops! Another post that managed to slip through the cracks! Anyway, let’s pretend it’s still WA Beer Week (yippee!) and here’s a little post on the Beer Fact Hunt held at Clancy’s Fish Pub in Dunsborough …

I’ve been working at Clancy’s Fish Pub Dunsborough for the past couple of months and, like many great beer venues across the state, they celebrated WA Beer Week with a beery event – The  Beer Fact Hunt.

Yes, it’s a somewhat tricky title to negotiate without saying something rather offensive and yes, it’s deliberate.

The Beer Fact Hunt, hosted by the very funny DJ Chet Leonard, may not have drawn record numbers into the venue but I can guarantee those who were there will tell you that it was a lot of laughs with a lot of prizes.

Dave and Rhys from Little Creatures kicked off the evening by handing out free beer – that’s always a good start! They hoisted a firkin of Little Creatures Pale Ale onto a tall table, dry hopped with New Zealand Rakau hops, and started pouring. In the interests of beer education we (being Clancy’s staff) did a side-by-side tasting of normal Little Creatures Pale Ale and the dry hopped version. The dry hopping basically acted as a mega-boost of fruity fresh hop aromas – something I am always up for.

It was great to see other South West brewery folk at Clancy’s to support the event, such as Jeremy Good from Cowaramup Brewing and Nick and the crew from Eagle Bay Brewing.

One of the highlights of the night would have to have been when DJ Chet Leonard asked the crowd if anyone had any decent party tricks … the result was an amazing showing of the worm – always a party hit and certainly raised a lot of applause and cheers.

The quiz ended with lots of prizes, beers and happy smiling people – very much in the spirit of WA Beer Week.

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