Burgers + Beer Camp

Sierra Nevada … two words every craft beer lovin’ hop head loves to hear/read/consume.

It’s Beer Camp time once again. What is Beer Camp, you might ask? Well, it’s basically a competition run by Sierra Nevada every year whereby wanna-be brewers submit a video as to why they should be chosen for Beer Camp. Winners get to hang out at Sierra Nevada with Ambassador Steve Grossman and together they all brew. The results are usually pretty amazing.

Thanks to the guys at The International Beer Shop I got a hold of the four beers in this years Beer Camp variety pack:

#43 Imperial Pilsner
#45 Floral IPA
#53 Oatmeal Stout
#65 Imperial Red Ale

We recently had a special occasion in our house – the first use of our BBQ for summer, happy days! For such an occasion we decided to make burgers and crack open our first Beer Camp beer for 2012 – #43, the Imperial Pilsner.

In keeping with female / male household stereotypes I was inside at the kitchen taking care of the potatos (we forgot to buy stuff to make a salad so it was a strictly burgers + chips affair) whilst my boyfriend was outside at the BBQ, paint scraper in hand, cooking up two pieces of scotch fillet and a few rashers of bacon.

Burgers with Smoked Paprika Potato Wedges
+ Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Imperial Pilsner

It was a hands-down delicious burger. It was simple, just beef, bacon, blue cheese and pan-fried mushroom and onions, which is highly unusual for me due to my tendency to get a fraction carried away, and the potato wedges were (I might say) crisp and yummy!

The burgers were great and the beer was sensational – upfront floral flavours backed up by breadiness and grassiness – but sadly together they were not a perfect beer + food match. The blue cheese and bacon easily trumped the beer with too much musty bitterness from the blue cheese and salt from the bacon. Oh well, as always, it’s damn fun trying!

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