Roast Lamb + Torpedo

There’s something about Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA that I just LOVE – those big, fresh hop aromas and bold flavours, bitterness that slaps you in the face and laughs … god it’s good!

Our local independent bottle shop recently had a special on 6 packs – just $21 – and so, recognising a bargain when we see one, my partner and I happily grabbed a 6 pack (resisted the urge to get 2) and headed home.

Armed with one of our all time favourite beers it seemed like the right occasion for a (mini) roast.

Despite very little experience with roasting food of any description (mainly because of the time required going against the grain of my only child impatience) I figured trying my hand at a mini roast would be a good way to go.

I slapped a marinade onto the lamb that consisted of garlic, fresh rosemary from our garden and a generous spoonful of Kick Ass Hot Beer Mustard (a recipe from Cooking with Beer by Paul Mercurio that’s quick, easy and oh-so-tasty).

The result was heaven! Perfect serving for two people matched with a fantastic beer – the mustard marinade got a little on the burnt side but that just made for nice crisp bits. I think with a little more mustard flavour it would have been a spot on match to Torpedo given it’s very assertive flavours. I think mini roast might become a regular favourite since cooking time is less than 45 minutes, much more in tune with my eagerness/impatience …

Prepping the Lamb with cooking companion – Sierra Nevada Torpedo
Ready for the Oven
Roast Mini Lamb with Garlic, Rosemary & Beer Mustard on a Bed of Veggies

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