5 courses + 11 beers

5 courses and 11 beers at The Sail & Anchor Hotel in Fremantle for Beer & Brewer Magazine 5th Birthday Beer Degustation – what a tough way to spend a Wednesday night!

Here’s a quick run down of how I spent Wednesday 7th November:

9am: Drive up to Perth

11.30am: Change clothes (having realising I had managed to drop sauce down my top whilst eating and driving and yes, it was most certainly servo food)

2pm: Ditch car and hop onto train to Fremantle

3pm: Go to Sail & Anchor for launch of their new beers

6pm: Stay at Sail & Anchor for Beer and Brewer Magazine’s 5th Birthday Beer Degustation Dinner

… Yup, it was a tough day.

The dinner was kicked off by David Lipman from Beer and Brewer Magazine who welcomed everyone, as you would have expected, and also drew our attention to the door prize gift basket kindly donated by a well known adult shop, this was less expected. Before you ask, I didn’t win. ┬áThe vast majority of the guests were men so I had quite the laugh at the idea of a man arriving home late, jovial from an appropriate amount of beer, holding a basket of assorted vibrating and battery operated goods and trying to assure his wife that he was, in-fact, at a beer event.

Starter: Grilled Sardine Fillets with Crispy Skin and Salsa Verde
Served with:
Swan Draught and Billabong Wheat
Entree: 5 Spices Pork Belly served with a Grilled Tiger Prawn & Fresh Apple Sauce
Served with: Matso’s Mango Beer
Mash Pale Ale
Rogers’ dry hopped with Fuggles & Chinook

This entree was my favourite dish of the night. It’s hard to go past pork belly and this was beautifully cooked. The grilled tiger prawn took up most of the plate and, again, beautifully cooked. As far as matching goes the Mash Pale Ale was my pick of the bunch as it complimented all aspects of the dish. The beer itself was super fresh with an aroma much like sticking your head into a bag of hops. The Matsos Mango Beer matched elements of the dish, such as the apple sauce and the prawn, but was a little too sweet for the pork belly whilst the Rogers’, though drinking beautifully, dominated the food for me.

Mash Pale Ale
I adore this label and the beer inside is very tasty too!
Main: Spicy Char-Grilled Chicken with Carrots & Potato Chateau with Fresh Citrus Summer Salad
Served With: Gage Roads London Best
Sail & Anchor’s Boa’s Bind Amber Ale
Bridge Port IPA
Feral Hop Hog
Dessert: Warm Chocolate Volcano served with Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Tuile Biscuit
Served with: The Monk Bounty Coconut Stout

This beer is insanely good, delicate coconut and chocolate and just one of those beers that is hard to put down, and it’s also a limited release so head straight to Freo before this runs out! The highlight of this dish was The Monk Brewer Steve Brockman’s introduction as he told the crowd of brewers, writers and other beery professionals that the The Bounty had been fermented in 400 individual coconuts … with many initially believing him …

Brie and Blue Cheese Board with Water Crackers & Dried Figs
Artisan Saison

The Artison Saison by Brian Fitzgerald was stunning, using two yeast strains – Belgian and French – with no added spices, the different flavours and aromas was overwhelming. I’d been chatting with Brian earlier who’d admited to being a little nervous, hoping the crowd would enjoy the beer, but was very much looking forward to the match with Blue Cheese. I’d not normally pair a Saison with Blue Cheese, assuming it would find itself at the hopeless mercy of overpowering blue however on this occasion it was a gorgeous match. At 7.2% abv with rich spices, fresh fruit and a bit of funk this Saison stood it’s ground well.

My first girl+beer name tag!

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