Mustard + Coopers

It has been a number of weeks since I’ve been to Bunnings on a weekend to enjoy one (or even two) of their fantastic sausage sizzles. It must be universally accepted that you can’t have a proper hot dog without mustard and so, since I woke up with strong urge to cook, it seemed like a good time to try my hand at mustard. Paul Mercurio’s Cooking with Beer book came to the rescue with a recipe for “Kick-arse Hot Beer Mustard”.

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This mustard is delightfully easy to whip together and makes you wonder whether you’ll bother to purchase mustard from the shops ever again. The use of the words “kick-arse” and “hot” are no exaggeration so if you are a fan of big flavours, heat and bag loads of spice then you’ll love this mustard too. With so much flavour going on here I’m not sure how much impact 1/3 of a cup of Coopers Sparkling has on the finished product. Since it’s so easy to make I think I’ll mess around with different beers and see what difference it makes.

Now that I had made mustard it was time for hot dogs … well, actually it turned out to be more of a sandwich since there was fresh turkish bread on hand. (I’m trying not to giggle as the words “sausage sandwich” come to mind). Anyway …

  • Mushroom & Onion Sausages from the local Capel Butcher
  • Shredded Capel Cheddar
  • Tomato Sauce and KICK ARSE HOT BEER MUSTARD!

It was seriously tasty and I’ll be putting beer mustard on every dish for the next week!

Sausages with Kick Arse Hot Beer Mustard in Turkish Bread
(try very hard not to label this photo as ‘Sausage Sandwich’)

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