Sunshine + Baltic Porter

Colonial Brewing is COOLKeut
Gotta love a little creativity in a coaster!

I was very excited to order two glasses of the limited release Baltic Porter when my boyfriend and I dropped into Colonial Brewing, Margaret River, one recent Sunday. Though I do get rather excited about beer in general anyway, this beer is a little different – after all, I helped make it.


Perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration. I was merely present during a day of brewing but nevertheless it was rather exciting for me!

Spent Grain on a Brew Day for Colonial Baltic Porter

The Baltic Porter follows in the footsteps of previous limited release brews, Keutebier and Mumme, reviving old German beer styles that have been forgotten in recent memory. The Baltic Porter refers to strong Porter beers that were exported off to Baltic countries like Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Basically we’re looking at a sort of love child from a Russian Imperial Stout and London Porter – what a union!

When we visited Colonial the sun was out and shining, it was a beautiful day, and a wonderful contrast to the jet black appearance of the Baltic Porter.

Aromas of dark fruits and raisins that reminded me of the yummy, slightly burnt bits you get at the base of a fruit cake. Taste wise, it’s even better with dusty dark chocolate, more dark fruits and black coffee bitter, all encased in warming 7.5% boozyness.

Read more about Colonial’s Baltic Porter in my article for Australian Brew News and then get down to Colonial to try it for yourself!

Colonial Limited Release Baltic Porter
Colonial Growler of Baltic Porter – being enjoyed on day 3 of being unemployed … not a bad way to spend some time


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