Brown Ale + Homemade Steak Sandwiches

Eagle Bay Brewing Company
Eagle Bay Road | Cape Naturaliste

Note: Apparently I write posts and then forget to actually post them. Although I am new to the world of blogging I am pretty sure this would be a fairly preventative action in people actually reading what I write. Hence, you may find the following post a fraction outdated but since it’s about Eagle Bay Brewing, who I love, and limited release beer, which I also love, and one of the best steak sandwiches I have ever made – I just had to post it … Read on! (of course it’s a slight tease since the beer in question has since consumed to the point of extinction but the good news is that their Cacao Stout is still available).

On with the show …

I do love a limited release beer; it just screams “drink me NOW!” and that’s something I can respond to!

Eagle Bay Brewing Company produce their limited releases under the label ‘Single Batch’. You may associate this tag with Little Creatures since that’s one of their labels too but, from what I remember from my days working for them, they produce way more than one batch. Whilst this is certainly good for craft beer fans it does mean that the label isn’t strictly true. However, when Eagle Bay say ‘single batch’ they are not kidding, producing one brew of approximately 800 litres from their microbrewery. These beers are largely brewery exclusives and therefore another reason why I love the fact we have moved here.

Recently my boyfriend and I were fortunate enough to spend an afternoon at Eagle Bay and hung out with Margi, their Marketing & Retail Manager. We chatted about all things beer, and of course you can’t talk about beer without having one, and shared a pizza. On a foodie note, the Prosciutto, Field Mushroom and Rocket pizza is absolutely lovely! Eagle Bay kindly picked up the tab so a big thank you to Margi and the team for their hospitality.

Eagle Bay Single Batch
American Brown Ale
5.6% abv

I had seen on the Eagle Bay Facebook page that their Single Batch American Brown Ale was close to running out so it was easy to order my first drink.

Eagle Bay Brewing Co is family owned and operated and when one of their fellow beer loving friends, Chantelle, expressed a desire to collaborate on a brew, it was destined to be a good idea. Chantelle knew she wanted to brew a winter beer but didn’t want to make anything too heavy. Nick, Head Brewer and Co-Owner, sent her off to do a little research and she came back with the idea for an American Brown Ale. This is a girl after my own heart!

Nick used imported US Cascade and Zyphos hops, both seemingly popular hop varieties used for bold American IPAs and similar styles and adding a subtle hint of citrus at the end. Bigger flavours of biscuit, nuts and a bit of toffee jumped out at me when I first tasted it. Smooth, rich and dark with beautiful balance, it makes me think Chantelle should not leave it too long before she gets back into the brewhouse.

We took home one of the Eagle Bay Growlers full of this great beer and I had originally wanted to match it with a nice cheddar but dinner was fast approaching and you shouldn’t really have cheese for dinner (though I happily would!). Instead, I decided to make steak sandwiches with vintage cheddar.

Growler full of American Brown Ale

The match was certainly one of my most successful with the vintage cheddar highlighting more subtle nutty and biscuity flavours I picked up from the beer. Overall neither the beer nor sandwich dominated in flavour, sweeter notes from the beer going nicely with the slightly caramalised onion and mushroom mix.

Steak Sandwich

Oyster Blade Steak

Button Mushrooms

Spanish Onion


Vintage Cheddar

Turkish Bread

Served with paprika spiced potato wedges

Eagle Bay American Brown Ale + Steak Sandwich

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