Food + Beer

Love beer. Love cooking. Putting the two loves together is not only fun but it’s efficient!

Here’s what I’ve been getting up to lately … some worked, some didn’t but hey, that’s all the fun …

2 Brothers Kung Foo Rice Lager
Victoria | Australia
4.7% abv | Rice Lager

The Food:

Spicy jalapanoes, beef mince and cheese – oh and don’t forget the sour cream, mushrooms and red capsicum, fresh lime and spring onions. Not exactly ingredients that you’d describe as light or delicate but definitely delicious.

The Beer:

The 2 Brothers Kung Foo Rice Lager is delicious – well balanced light flavours, a bit citrusy and hoppy and a bit of fun. After all, who could resist a beer with Bruce Lee on the label called Kung Foo?! It’s also nice to see a sessionable summer type beer from a relatively unfamiliar style. It reminds me of the Kolsch style; great beer styles that can be the door for many people to get discover a love of craft beer.

Food + Beer:

This is a match that didn’t quite work. Not knowing what to expect from a rice lager, which it turns out is a fairly delicate beer, the rice lager was trampled, stomped and run over by the food.

Uncommon Brewers Baltic Porter
California | North America
7.8% abv | Baltic Porter

The Food:

Whilst this wasn’t the most creative meal it’s hard to go past a great piece of steak and potatoes. I think I’d have any meal that had hash browns with it. The steaks were perfectly cooked to medium rare (thanks to the boyfriend) and the hash browns were golden and crisp.

The Beer:

My boyfriend and I had recently polished off a growler of Colonial’s limited edition Baltic Porter so we were keen to open the Uncommon Brewers Baltic Porter for comparison. The two Baltic Porters share a few similarities in their flavours with chocolate, dark fruits and black coffee plus both are nice and high in the boozey factor at 7.5% and 7.8% abv respectively. The Uncommon Brewers Baltic Porter had a sneaky smokey element too, a really interesting taste after you get a nose full of dark red fruits and black currant. In short, just delightful!

Food + Beer:

Though it wouldn’t be my first choice as a best match it was a surprisingly decent mate to the Uncommon Brewers Baltic Porter. The food was simple but full of flavour, smokiness from the beer was a nice addition to a medium rare steak,

Bridge Road’s The Harvest
Victoria | Australia
4.6% abv | Harvest Ale

The Food:

The teriyaki chicken burger was finger licking good. Sticky and savoury sweet and just the sort of meal you’re glad to be eating at home because it’s not elegant to eat but that doesn’t matter because it’s tasty as hell.

The Beer:

Bridge Road’s The Harvest 2011 ale is oh-so-deliciously amazing. Gorgeous tropical fruits, crisp citrus and plenty of hops – it all makes for one amazing beer.

Food + Beer:

Both the dish and the beer bring a certain element of sweetness in two very different ways and it turns out to be a nice little match. Instead of two sweet things coming together and making it like biting into a bag of sugar, the tropical sweetness in the beer is refreshing and cleansing and cuts through the thick sweetness of the burger.

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