Beer + Shower

Happiness is the simple things … like a cold beer in a hot shower – you know it’s true!

The great thing about our shower caddy is the space, there’s a spot for the body wash, there’s a spot for face wash and there’s a little space left over … oh look, my beer fits there!

We all know it. We all love it. You perhaps don’t post about it on the internet but a cold beer whilst you’re in the hot shower … holy hell … it’s bliss.

Running at Sunset

Having come home to find a case of James Squire Four Wives Pilsener had made it’s way into our fridge, I popped one open and took a sip before realising my intention was to come home and go for a run. Despite the cold refreshing beer begging me for attention like a neglected only child, I went running.

I have to say, I live in a beautiful part of the world.

I arrived home and lets just say, not confidently fit, more weazy and sweaty, but opening a beer solves all and there’s something properly relaxing about a hot shower.

It’s the merging of two wonderfully simple things – a crisp, cold and refreshing beer that you’ve been thinking about for at least an hour and a hot shower where you just couldn’t give a damn about how much water you’re using.Happy Wednesday everyone!

Everyone does this … right?!

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