Project Pint Bottle Herb Garden 2

Angle grinding beer bottles to grow herbs? That’s normal, right?

The delightful Jess Shaver put me on to a good video on bottle cutting involving flame and ice – found at Ephrem’s Bottle Works – which we watched this morning. It was good because it was certainly neater than our efforts with the angle grinder however it didn’t look nearly as much fun as it was with the angle grinder! And I am very okay with the bottles being a little crooked, it gives them character (as you have to say about all good things that are not quite right)

This morning it was back to the angle grinder to smooth off the more edgey-edges so we don’t slice our fingers every time we pick some herbs. Blood and basil doesn’t sound particularly appealing.

The Angle Grinder Strikes Again!

With that done it was time to try and put a hole in the base for the water to run out. We used the angle grinder again for pretty decent results!

Next it’s building a little home for the bottles and we have plywood lying around in the shed. There was measuring and double checking, as I am bad with numbers. There was some sawing involved (with the only saw we had around clearly designed for jobs bigger than our little 170mm requirements) and therefore a lot of me learning how to use a saw. The only way my brain got around the process was pretending I was playing pool.

The plan now is:

  1. Drink a few more Little Creatures Pale Ale
  2. Fit all our sawn and sanded pieces together into a box to hold 3 x 2 bottles
  3. Plant 1 row each of coriander, basil and mint.
(cross fingers now)

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