Project Pint Bottle Herb Garden 1

An idea born from overuse of Spring Onions and a case of Little Creatures Pale Ale

We go through an inhuman amount of spring onions. I used to hate buying them when recipes called for them because I’d buy a bunch, use two and that’d be that. Now, we are buying about 2 bunches a week. They are being used in EVERYTHING from scrambled eggs, stir fry, salad and our “salsa eternal”

Salsa Eternal on Poached Eggs, hiding under some Capel Cheese with Chorizo n' Toast

[“Salsa Eternal” refers to the mix of diced tomatoes, red capsicum, chilli, spring onion, spanish onion, capers, coriander and whatever else we decide to throw in that lives constantly in our fridge. We make it batch by batch and it goes on just about anything. It seems we both have palates begging for punishingly strong flavours]

So, the idea for growing our own spring onions came up … oh, and basil, I’d love to grow chilli … oh, and chilli too …. and you get the idea.

Now, what to grow them in? Don’t want to plant them because we’re in a rental, those babies will be coming with us when it comes time to move! Perhaps we could go to Bunnings, a great excuse to have a sausage sizzle for lunch on Saturday, but that’s not particularly creative.Then today I bought a caseĀ of Little Creatures Pale Pint Bottles and the image of a case of pint bottles, tops cut off and beautiful herbs n’ stuff growing out from the top, well, it had to be done.Here’s the start of the project involving me, my boyfriend and an angle grinder (I should mention here that I am in no way, shape or form able to confidently use power tools so the fact I am typing this and no blood loss, that’s a win). Updates, of course, to follow as we progress!

In the words of the the Queen of Hearts ..."Off With Their Heads!"
The First Four LC Pale Pint Bottles
Next Step: Angle Grind the tops so I don't slice my hand open every time I pick some basil!

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