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    Weekend Reading #27

    This week features articles on the that word again - "CRAFT" - and branding and what happens when a big guy buys a little guy ...

    Mismatch Archie's Red Ale with chicken wings

    girl + mismatch

    There’s something special about the first beer you have from a brewery. It’s the first impression that brewery gets to make on you like a hand shake or…

    my books

    Weekend Reading #25

    This week it’s unplanned but all American articles covering 2015 predictions for trends and breweries and a look into the link between big beer decline and craft beer growth …

    The Submariner logo

    The Submariner Pop Up Craft Beer Bar

    When I saw the words “submariner pop up craft beer bar” my brain immediately conjured up wonderful images of an old submarine emerging from the ocean and bursting with IPAs, stouts, pilsners, sours and all other magical beery wonders. After speaking to co-founder Jackson Gwynne it turns out that my imagination isn’t too far from the truth …


    a little beery reflection

    A couple of years ago I was predominately seeking out strange or extreme beers. I was enticed by beers with weird ingredients, even better if I didn’t know what said ingredient was or even how to pronounce it. These days it’s a little different …

    Eagle Bay Brewing

    Eagle Bay Tap Takeover & New Stuff

    Last week Mt Lawley’s Five Bar played host to an Eagle Bay Brewing tap takeover. The beer line up included a mix of regulars and limited releases including the current brewer’s series Steam Ale and the previous release, the Cacao Stout


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