Weekend Reading #57

For those lazy weekend mornings when you just want to stay in bed and catch up on a little reading – Weekend Reading is a weekly (ahem, usually) post with the articles I’ve enjoyed in the past seven days.

Australian Brews News | Queensland gets craft beer permit

Of course beer events and festivals can be really good fun, they can be great ways to discover new beers and visit multiple breweries in just one visit. They can also be really difficult for breweries because they take a lot of time and more often than not breweries don’t come close to recouping their investment. The ability to sell alcohol like a bar and (not or) take away sales like a bottle shop make festivals more financially appealing.

The West Australian | Looking at a pint through different glasses

Have you even that episode of Frasier where he’s trying to order a coffee but finds the sizing he knows from his regular coffee shop doesn’t match up with any other cafes? It’s a bit extreme but it’s kind of how it is with ordering a beer sometimes, a gamble of what size beer you’ll get for the dollars spent.

Crafty Pint | The Story Of: Watermelon Warhead

An in-depth look at story behind Feral’s Watermelon Warhead, one of my absolute favourite brews. It’s a great story and even if you are time poor, just click on the link for wonderful photos of brewer Will Irving.

Pacific Business News | U.S. opts for more liquor, but Hawaii still keen on craft beer

An interesting quick look at craft breweries and distillers seemingly battling it out for market share.

and now for  a video – Craft Beer – A Hoptumentary

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