Hey Pia,
Nice write up. I think from my point of view the aim is to stay local as much as possible. I still dig Little Creatures, I just don’t buy it as often. Here in Perth I’d rather grab a Feral or a Nail.

I hope Mountain Goat continue to make good beer. I’m glad they are keeping the rare breeds as that is more likely going to be my one off purchase of their stuff from now on.

The buyout sucks. It feels as though the soul is gone. You can still enjoy the beer but it will never feel like it did.

Having said that, I fully appreciate that after many years of hard work, in a field that is pretty difficult and not necessarily financially rewarding, everyone is entitled to their pay day. They would have known that accepting the offer would have caused some fans to leave and dismiss them.

All in all, an excellent brewery thats well and truly worth the money that was paid for it.