5 Minutes with Joel from Cellarbrations Carlisle

5 minutes with … a 5 minute/5 question interview with great beer loving people …

This edition of 5 minutes with features Joel Beresford from one of Perth’s best beer bottleshops, Cellarbrations Carlisle.

WA Beer Week is right around the corner, just waiting for you like some crazy eyed stalker and it’s going to pounce on you TOMORROW. People are excited, planning what events to attend and dreaming of fantastic local beer, the brewers they’ll meet and the food they’ll overindulge in.

Cellarbrations Carlisle

2 Wright Street, Carlisle

One such excited person is Joel from one of Perth’s best beer bottleshops, Cellarbrations Carlisle and their beer club Grain Cru. During WA Beer Week his shop will be hosting a number of events including:

There are a record number of events for WA Beer Week this year, why do you think this is?

I think the groundswell of support of craft beer, especially local, has greatly increased. People as well as venues have realised that there is a whole world of great beer out there, and it’s becoming easier to find.

What can people expect at the Grain Cru CarPark Day?

A fair bit actually! Each year has been getting bigger and better and the third annual event will be showcasing a collaborative brew between Victoria’s Moon Dog Brewery and New Zealand’s Garage Project.

We will have stalls of WA brewers, from the smallest micro to the largest producer. Other stalls include beer distributors, food, hops & rhizomes and funky craft.

The Beermuda Triangle is always a sell out, what makes it such a popular event?

It’s probably my most enjoyable event.

I am proud to see an idea of a progressive dinner turn into such an anticipated annual event over the last 4 years or so.

It encapsulates many of my favourite things about craft beer – amazing company, top class venues, awesome beer & food and lasting memories. Last year with Stu McKinlay [from New Zealand brewing outfit Yeastie Boys] will always be in my memory. The man made  a lasting impression on everyone that met him and the vibe was just fun and friendship. This year’s event will be amplified 3 fold, with members of Garage Project, Moon Dog and Brew Dog being involved!

What other WA Beer Week events are you keen to check out?

Unfortunately I’ll be working a fair bit throughout the WA Beer Week but Bob’s Bar looks like it’s dangling far too many carrots for me to avoid at least one visit!!! I wish I found out earlier about the Old Faithful / Feral dinner [Old Faithful goes Feral] before it got sold out too.

What five beers are currently in your fridge at home?

La Sirene Praline, Amager Kaaad, Mikkeller Hues, Oersoep Brettanosaurus Rex (love the name!)and Nail Imperial Porter are probably the highlights.

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