Doctor Who + Moon Dog

I really like Doctor Who; I like it a little less when there are weeping angels involved but generally speaking it makes me almost as happy as beer does. When sitting down to watch the big 50th Doctor Who anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor I was keen to find a beer match for my Doctor-ing adventures.


Initially I was going to open Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude on the grounds that the beer was going to be full of big, unapologetic flavours, exhibiting a TARDIS like ‘bigger on the inside’ sort of vibe.

Instead I went for a Moon Dog/Nogne Selvmordstokt – a wheat porter with cherry sour wine. So what makes the beer and The Day of the Doctor go together so well?

  • The beer is a collaboration brew … the episode features three Doctors working together, does it get more collaborative than 3 Time Lords? I doubt it.
  • The beer combines three elements – wheat, porter and cherry sour wine .. remember, three Doctors.
  • One of the breweries involved is Moon Dog … moon = space, dog = K9 … it was meant to be!

Even the name of the beer “Selvormordstokt”sounds like a far away planet, doesn’t it?!?

Beer and Doctor Who

As for the beer itself, it’s fantastic (said in my best Christopher Eccleston voice) with an aroma of cherries in brandy and flavours of black cherry, chocolate, a little coconut and a soft sour kiss on the end. An ideal sipping beer to have whilst pretending Time Lords are real and many things are be bigger and more interesting on the inside.

Beer appropriate to Doctor Who

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